“Escape” to Lock, Clock and Peril

Full disclosure: The owners of Lock, Clock and Peril let us have a complimentary experience, but the opinion that

follows is an honest review Of our time there.

If you are driving down U.S. 378, away from Sumter, you might drive past Lock, Clock and Peril Escape Room without seeing it. The unassuming escape room facility is tucked into a building just past the main entrance to Shaw AFB.

You might miss it, but you don’t want to.

Lock, Clock and Peril Escape Room is Sumter’s first escape room experience and joins the ranks of similar emersion experience throughout the world.

And if you’re thinking that it will be a lackluster experience, think again.

Without revealing the mind-blowing specifics of our “Paranormal Activity” escape room experience, we can confidently say that this escape room is NEXT LEVEL.

There were puzzle elements, physical skill elements, secret passages, hidden clues, ciphers, complex mechanisms - we were truly blown away by the depth of complexity that went into the creation of the experience. I wish we could tell you more, but I wouldn’t want to deny anyone the true delight of the room.

The owners were so kind and so accommodating, helping us with a few clues when we were stumped. It was extremely gratifying when we finally escaped with 4:38 to spare.

If you visit the facility, you’ll see our name on the leaderboard, “#4 Sumter’s Best”. I dare any of you to take our spot.

Lock, Clock and Peril Escape Room is located at 5535 Broad Street, Suite A, Sumter, SC. Take a look at their website for more info:

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